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On Carrying Spare Change

"While time heals all wounds, I can’t imagine you wanting it to heal in the wrong way."

I always thought that carrying around sadness is like walking around with a lot of change in your pockets, jangling around as you move: sometimes you just have to dump all the change out, count it, organize it, and deposit or something. You can’t keep walking around sounding like a tambourine forever.


A Blip in a Sea of Blue

I was born and raised in Queens. I even have a patch with the name on the sleeve of my denim jacket.

In most majority-Democrat states, when you break down the voting results by county, you’ll see that each state carries a conservative presence geographically. This is a widely recorded phenomenon, and the relationship between urban areas and Leftist thought is an interesting one: perhaps it’s the increased presence of mixed cultural traditions in urban areas that often contain a greater immigrant population and a high population density. As you look at the areas approaching cities, the voting trends become bluer and bluer.


Down the Rabbit Hole

"Bouncing and bubbling between things I should and shouldn’t read, occasionally falling off the deep end and then crawling back out..."

I’ve broken out of a lot paradigms that the mainstream media seems to push nowadays, or at least I’d like to think so. I would identify as conservative, but that’d put me into a box typically associated with establishment types like George W. Bush and Mitt Romney, and that just wouldn’t be accurate. I like the term right-leaning because it’s vague and yet specific enough to suggest I’m neither an establishment Democrat nor a woke Leftist, and that’s good enough for me. I think there are many more varied groups with a right-leaning bias than the seemingly uniform political conglomerate of the Left. I mean, that’s an issue with the Left’s fixation on cancel culture, if you ask me. If there’s a possibility that you’ll be cancelled, lose your job and all of your friends if you say the wrong thing, then why even try? Why ever have a unique thought?


2016 Presidental Election Results in NYC, by District

Oddly difficult to find on the web nowadays... look for yourself.

Courtsey of SecretNYC, initially taken from DNAInfo, which is now broken.


Journal Entry: Midterms

I'm pretty sad right now, but I'll bounce back eventually. I always do... Don't really have a choice, now do we?