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Sunny and 75: Spring Break 2022

Written on a Plane

I’ve never been to a place where it’s warm all the time. I’ve also never been on a vacation by choice, up until now. It had always been family vacations where I had no control over where we went and what we did; typically, we either ended up in Bumblefuck, Poland or somewhere in upstate New York. I didn’t really think I could afford a tropical vacation by myself but then I realized that my workaholic self actually made money during that internship I did last summer, and I remembered that money is earned to be spent. I’m glad I had a friend with whom I could go— if it wasn’t for her nudging, I doubt that I would’ve found the bravery to ever leave my basement. Spring break is such a major milestone of every college experience, and as a senior, it’s about time I literally choose to broaden my horizons.

But apparently for those born with money, whose parents dragged them all over the world to a variety of tropical locations for family vacations ever since they were born, I suppose it gets repetitive; a certain apathy sets in when you realize that the tropical sunset stars the same sun every time. Regarding my spring break plans, one classmate of mine rather apathetically said, “Oh, Cabo’s nice.” I’ve never been, though, so I can’t speak to it, but the Weather app on my phone tells me it’s going to be Sunny and 75 all week. I can’t wait.

While vacation is meant to be a time to relax and lounge about, I can’t just do that. I just get apathetic and bored. I love my hobbies too much. I love genuine experience too much. I enjoy seizing life by the balls too much to just watch it go by, and so I brought a sketchbook and pencils with me, and I’m already writing this essay on the plane. I haven’t slept much these past few days, just because I still had last-minute assignments to complete but I also knew that I’d only get two days in New York City before we left for Cabo. Sure, I basically prolonged my school-related strife by taking two late days for an assignment, but I knew I’d rather spend my time enjoying the city instead of finishing a silly problem set. Wow, that’s called Senioritis. I can’t really sleep on the plane, either, because I think I’m just far too excited. Also, these engines sure are loud.

One of my professors literally told me that the rest of the academic year after Spring Break doesn’t really exist— I personally never felt that way, but I’ve never had a real Spring Break and I’ve never been a senior at college, so maybe I don’t know any better. I do see a change in my peers’ attitudes as the end of the school year approaches. The friendships that I have with people with whom I’ve been butting heads recently just doesn’t seem to phase me much, and it seems like they can’t be bothered to egg on the conflict either. Better to end on a happy note or something, right? Or maybe we both have better places to put in our energy recently. Regarding my relationships with the men in my year on campus, they suddenly seem to be treating me with much more respect than they did years ago— I can’t tell if it’s because I’m looking and doing better, or if it’s because they’re realizing that they’re running out of time if they ever want to get to know me.

One guy who I had been crushing on years ago told me quite honestly and off-handily at a party that I was one of the most interesting people that he had ever met, but considering how much of a compliment that is, I pushed back, asking if he was sure. Remembering who he was speaking to, he vaguely retracted the statement by telling me that I was one of the most interesting people he had ever met specifically on campus. Giving somebody everything they want right from the get-go isn’t ever really the smartest tactic— I’d know. If only he hadn’t slept with a good friend of mine the weekend before, either.