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Press Continue’s initial installation readme.html file describes the process as taking approximately 5-minutes. It had taken me nearly an hour to complete because I was genuinely too nervous to make the commitment of buying a domain name for a month. It wouldn’t be too much, but I knew I’d hate myself if I didn’t capitalize on it and actually enjoy the purchase I had made.

This was not long after my friends and I had taken a dip in my friend’s swimming pool in the hot afternoon sun. The ceiling fan spun aggressively, cooling us in the New York City heat. I debated briefly with my companions whether or not I should indulge this hobby of mine. They, of course, supported me. I decided against it.

I walked over to my computer, and started pressing continue. If I press continue enough times, it’ll close, right? I’ve brute-forced my way through a lot of life, and it has seemed to work out so far. Turns out, I have PayPal set up and I just spent a tad bit too much money on a domain for a month by blindly pressing continue. I then proceeded to spend the next few hours trying to install BlueHost on my computer until I finally decided that BlueHost was stuck in 2002 when it came to web hosting and I calmly got in contact with customer service to tell them that I was an idiot that just so happened to have somewhat accidentally bought a membership with BlueHost. I was then bombarded with BlueHost ads by Google for the next week and a half, periodically reminding me of my inadequacy. Thanks, Google.